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When we started live broadcast work, our first jobs were in the sport of sailing. What's more, those sailing regattas were on the other side of the world. It was our job to work out how to build a system small enough that one person could travel with it, without compromising on broadcast quality and capability.

We approach every job with the same thirst for innovation, and we love those events that are, well, a little out of the box.

Specialising in Sailing, Cycling, Fight Sports, Live Music and lots more, we've learned a thing or two about complicated setups, aerial coverage, fast pace workflows, remote broadcasts, efficiency and flexibility.

We can broadcast to all the most popular destinations, like Facebook, YouTube Live, Vimeo Live or even a dedicated destination, designed specially for your event.

Our system is scalable and modular, so we draw in more crew and equipment, depending on your specific needs. Every live broadcast is unique, in our eyes. This means we can bring in advanced features like GPS tracking, live crosses, on-board camera feeds and decentralised broadcasts, all based on what you need and what your viewers want to see.

So whatever your event is, however complex it is to cover, we believe there's always a way and it's probably more possible than you think. Let's talk!

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